What we provide here

Timings are 8:30 am to 7: 30 pm

Muddiee Toes has an excellent daycare facility that caters to working parents who have young children. We take the child & provide a safe environment for the child, where he or she can go about her day under the supervision of our staff. At Muddiee Toes we have a highly trained, extremely caring personnel whose main task is to ensure that the child’s needs are taken care of immediately.

Children are showered with love & affection here, and are allowed to play & learn according to what interests their curiosity. At Muddiee Toes we ensure that your child receives the right attention that they require at this age.

At our daycare center all necessary steps are taken care of to ensure the best care is given to your child. Proper areas are available for your child to play around. The learning materials that we have here at the school are all accessible for the child very easily, and he or she can chose what they want to learn as per their curiosity. On occasions, we take them out to the garden & indulge in gardening activities.

Security is a paramount feature here & we have round the clock supervision so that your child is kept safe in a secure environment, where they can freely move around among their peers. In house meals are cooked and served to all our children, with the menu plan discussed well in advance with parents. The diet has a healthy mix of vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals & milk. Individual mattress with sheets & blankets are provided for your child in case they feel sleepy & wish to take a nap.

We have a regular feedback session with our parents and discuss the behavior of your child to see how they are progressing well.

Timings are 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The curriculum that we follow here at Muddiee Toes is based on the Montessori Learning method as well as the Center based learning. At Muddiee Toes we encourage our children to learn via play based systems as they appealto the young child's senses, while turning a blank classroom into an educational space for our teachers. Instead of pushing down materials on to a child, we encourage them to be curious & find their way towards what they want to learn.

As Muddiee Toes is a center-based learning school our teachers group materials for one type of subject together. One classroom may have separate centers for pretend play, reading, art, science and blocks. This encourages young children to explore materials on their own. Instead of a teacher standing in front of the students and instructing them, centers let children play and discover without the teacher telling them what to do and how to do it. At Muddiee Toes we give children the chance to choose what they want to try out. One child may want to solve math puzzles, while another may be working on improving his fine motor skills.

At Muddiee Toes our learning center is completely accessible to children in the classroom. The materials, storage units, tables and chairs are all on the child's level. While center-based learning doesn't mean everything is kept out all of the time, it does mean that children have easy access to it. Our teachers decides as to what she wants to be in the center. Instead of setting materials on a table, she places them around low shelves labeled with the contents. This allows students to decide what they want to experiment with, and to take it out on their own.

At Muddiee Toes we focus on the following subjects for our Center based learning philosophy:

Math, English, Science, Environmental Studies, Creativity, Fine Motor/Gross Motor, Hindi, Kannada, Music/Movement.

The age group for our Preschool is between 1.5 years to 6 years & we take admissions throughout the year.